The Wormy Woodsmith
We got WORMS! ...And woodworking tips.
The Wormy Woodworker is dedicated to staying green.
All of our woodworking projects are made from reclaimed woods, mostly pallets though I do want to start making things from free craigslist firewood as well).
When working with pallets, be sure to avoid chemically treated lumber!
Our worms of course, reduce our carbon footprint by composting our waste into great soil amendments for our gardens!
Woodworking and worms together?
Well yes, being disabled, and on a fixed income my gardening options were quite limited, I'm sure you know how expensive it can be to buy soil amendments or fertilizers... and seed starting mixes aren't cheap either.
Planters of any decent size are $20 to $50! And if you want something that looks even a little nicer, be prepared to spend at least $100.
Not in my little budget!
I may at times post about our plants as well, but mostly I'll be discussing worms and woodworking with pallets. I do not claim to be an 'Expert' on worms or woodworking, but my techniques do work, though they may not be "the right way"
I hope you find my ramblings informative and helpful. Remember, these hobbies should be FUN!

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