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Buy some worms and start your farm today!
If you're in Metro Detroit you can contact us via a Facebook message and arrange pickup for our starter kits or cocoons.
The following are always available for local pickup:
Red Wiggler starter kit - $10
African Nightcrawler starter kit - $15
50 Red wiggler cocoons - $4
100 Red Wiggler cocoons - $7
The following items can be prepaid online and scheduled for pick-up in a few days.
(1/2 pound) 500 Red Wigglers - $18.95
(1 pound) 1000 Red Wigglers - $24.95
If you see a better retail price from any reputable source let us know, and we'll beat it!

We do not yet ship live worms, so if you're not local, we suggest you visit Uncle Jim's Worm Farm.
We currently sell red wiggler cocoons online 50 for $6.95 or 100 for $9.99
And will soon be adding our stacking wood bins to our online store.

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