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Keep your worms happy with a balanced diet.
Acceptable worm food can be almost any 'green' organic matter.
Most raw fruits and vegetable scraps are great limiting citrus and onion. Some favorite are banana peels, pepper stems and cores, and banana peels.
Grains are also good food sources. Oatmeal and cornstarch, and even chicken feed make great suppliments if you don't have enough scraps.
Worms in bins eat, on average, aproximately 1/2 their weight in food each day. They also eat the bedding materials as well, so make sure you always add some new bedding when you feed.
What I've found is that if you freeze then thaw back to room temperature the food breaks down faster and the worms can then eat it faster.
Another option is to blend them or even chop into small pieces.
Worms also love to eat moldy foods, so when you clean out your fridge the worms get a treat!
Things to avoid to keep the worms healty are greasy or spicy foods.
Things to avoid to keep pests and smells to a minimum are dairy and meats.
And as always if you have questions you can ask us on Facebook @WormyWoodsmith

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