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So much information! How do I get started?
There just a few things you absolutely need to know to get started.
1.) Pick a worm
Most beginners start with Red Wigglers
2.) Choose a bin
Once you pick which worm you want to work with, buy or build a bin to put them in.
3.) Make some bedding
A mis of free materials works just as good as buying comercial product. Newspaper and cardboard are the easiest choices.
4.) Feed those worms!
Most kitchen scraps are safe for your worms, avoid greasy or spicy foods. Keep starches to a minimum. And for sure, no meats or dairy.
  • Getting Started with Vermicomposting
  • Nitty gritty on Grit for your bins
  • What to use for bedding
  • What to feed your worms
  • Fatten up worms for fishing
  • Harvest time!
  • Worm reproduction (hatching cocoons)
  • Which worm should I raise?
  • Getting Started with Pallet Woodworking
  • What tools do I need?
  • What can I make?
  • Favorite pallet projects
  • Tips and Tricks
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