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I want to work with pallets, what tools do I need to get started?
The bare minimum to get started working with pallets is a nice short list.

Of course there are more recommended starting tools..
As you decide to make more complicated projects, you may consider more tools... I've invested in these and use them regularly...
  • Pocket hole jig
    The one most people hear about is by Kreg, it's nice... but EXPENSIVE
    I found one at Home Depot for under $20 that does the job just fine.
  • Benchtop Thickness planer
    Guess what... Pallet boards aren't usually flat.. or straight, you can make uniform flat lunber from your pallets with a thickness planer.
    I don't use a jointer, I use a jig with my table saw to cut one straigt edge, then flip the boards around to make the second paralell side.

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